Almond Flavor Coffee

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Almond Flavor Coffee
(1 LB Bag Ground)
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Starting it right with a delicious 100% Arabic bean coffee, we have added the flavor of roasted gold almonds. This buttery flavor lingers pleasantly after each sip, making it a cup you’ll be sure to want to savor. As one of the worlds best selling flavored coffees, it is a true classic. We generally think of almonds as a nut, but it is actually a seed inside the fruit of the almond tree. Like a peach or a cherry, the almond tree bears fruit that has a pit in the middle. It is the seed of that fruit that we call the almond nut. See for yourself why everyone is talking about Almond flavored coffee, it promises to be everything you’’ve ever wanted in a flavored cup. This flavored coffee contains nut extract Luke 6:31  And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.

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